Im not trying to be Poetic....

Dub Selector: Echo Chamber

absolute supreme way of pretending not to be resisting.
my revolt, is as nimble as drunk elephants
My revolt is underwhelmed
I consist of echoes and hide in the shadows

whose in control hear?

My ,my , my

We have issues and subscrtions are readily available,
back issues are a specialty

you make me sick, and i love you for that.

my resistance is a metaphor for circumstance...
its the fault of an objective reeking with hate

and at the edge of my finger blame takes a leap
landing at your stumbling feet..
my revolt is measured by theories, estimations, assumptions, libations
my revolt speaks ill of its ill- education ill, i-l ill Ian
my revolt wakes after long wars after short tedious disco naps
it is looking for a fight
not wanting confrontation
physically able to break even wind
emotionally so delicate it weeps for turbulence
potentially, willing to do the opposite of both.