Here it is:
I admit that i am wowed at times by the infinite windows and doors on the web.
Yes i am one of those silly people who follows some trends, or gets sucked in by the "hip" factor
so this is what brings me to this post.
I was looking for the newest post from Outkast and This beautifully strange brother who IM sure ill talk more about later.
T.I. had a link on the outkast page...blah blah blah..
Here it is..CHECK OUT THIS LINK...
watch the video then come back and read the following.

Hello welcome back..

Now i wanted to respond to the responses. But my rambling was cut off...
"You have recently posted several comments.
Please wait some time before posting another."

So ill just post what i wanted to say here...
I thought T.I. Was as respectful and decent, to himself as any real Man would be. He has an innate and seasoned understanding.
The situation, if it were a real situation that involved law enforcement, He knows as most of us do in reality land that; The Police are not your friends, you do not argue with the cops,(resistance is futile, and could be hazardous to your freedom and health) that's what courts and attorneys are for, *Most (not all) cops are either closet racists, full out,on and raging racists, bullies, malajusted, angry, nasty, brutes etc.. Or all of the above.

* There are actually, some cops who have good intentions, are honorable, and do not have a bully complex.
I grew up around cops, my mother worked for juvenile services, and the chief of police in Birmingham, and ironically, i received a "citizenship award for saving a cops life in 1990. So no, IM not a cop hater...i just hate racists, bullies, and injustice.

And in a situation where the largest, most well equipped, well-trained gang has you in a corner...Sometimes being an O.G. seems moot. If you have any idea about American prisons Inc. You would understand the dread of the cage. It seems to me that T.I. has found a backdoor into legitimacy, success, respect, and the American dream...
Who wouldnt want to hold on to that?

The system could not break his spirit obviously he is driven by something stronger than statistical woes that befall many Af-AMER men. I celebrate him not "keeping" it real. I hear stories all the time about "keeping it real". The only realness about this is that funeral homes and prisons stay busy.
No matter what you do someone is always looking for what you didnĂ‚’t do or the worst thing you did. Did he run? no. Did he rat out others or point the finger at his boys? no. He didnĂ‚’t implicate anyone, he just kept his cool stated that, they were fucking with his money (nicely so)
And that he didn’t know what the fuck they were smoking.
I am willing to bet T.I has put in some work in the dirty south and beyond...Im sure he aint shit to fuck wit' But.but when you are clocking the kind of dollars he is now...you don’t have to continue to live like some desperate Brother in the ghetto...
He gained my respect as a human with his attitude. And before that as an actor.the music is on an outkastilistic growth spurt. Keep your eyes on this one son!
TV on the Radio says:" You are staring at the SUN."

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