Blackbird: Omens and mysticism, color of fear and promise
Bluebird: Happiness and fulfillment, color of north or east
Blue jay: teaches you the ability to develop great talent through the proper use of power and tenacity.
Bobwhite Quail: Brings the ability to be mindful of danger and know when to go to safety and not to hesitate in times of crises
Canary: Healing power of sound, heightened sensitivity
Cardinal: brings colour to your life and reminds you that all you do is important, you are someone who brightens others lives
Catbird: Communication potential, new lessons or opportunities
Chickadee: Sacred number is seven, seeker of truth and knowledge
Crow: Intelligence, watchfulness, magical, past-life connections
Ducks: Teaches us to respect and revel in all that life has to offer from the water to the earth to the sky Maternal, graceful and comforting, protective
Eagle: Capable of reaching zenith, great perception, bridging worlds
Finch: New experiences and encounters, wide range summer solstice
Goldfinch: Increase opportunities to experience a variety of activities- you are awakening to your nature spirit
Golden Eagle: messenger to the great spirit, having the knowledge to create bridges
Goose: Story telling, fertility and fidelity, symbol of eight and infinity
Great Horned Owl: Brings the power to see into the darkness, including things that are trying to be hidden
Grosbeak: Heals old wounds, family values, past loves significance
Hawk (Red-tailed): carries message from the creator, you should listen to what it is saying
Hawks: Primal life force, fulfillment, spring and fall equinoxes
Kestrel Falcon: The ability to be quick minded, graceful and agile
Kingfisher: Halcyon days, peace and prosperity, linked to north, blue
Loon: Realizing dreams, haunting and eerie song, imagination
Love Bird: By sharing love, you can bring brightness and colour into others lives
Magpie: Occult knowledge, doorway to new realms. wily and willful
Meadowlark: Cheerfulness, sublimation, inner journey, linked to moon
Merlin Hawk: brings message that your visionary powers are awakening
Mourning Dove: The ability to mourn the past, but look forward to the future, able to bring new things into your life
Nuthatch: Applying wisdom to natural world, grounding, ethereal
Oriole: Positive energy, reconnecting with inner sunshine, nature spirits
Owl: Silent wisdom and nocturnal vision, healing powers, magical
Peacock: Wisdom and vision, ostentatious, protective and powerful
Pelican: Self-sacrificing, non-competitive, buoyant, rising above trials
Pigeon: Love and security of home, fertility, archetypal energies
Raven: Shapeshifting, messenger or omen, blending human and animal
Robin: New growth, territorial, color link to throat center
Ruff Grouse: Brings a natural rhythm into your life and tells you to give time and space to your creator
Snowy Owl: Brings into your life the wisdom to unlock the true secrets of nature
Starling: Sociable, communicating diversity, forceful
Stork: Related to humanity, connected to emotions, water, birth process
Swan: Sensitive, emotional, dreamer and mystic, longevity
Swift: Feminine and psychic energies, speed and agility
Turkey: Spiritual connection to Earth Mother, shared blessings
Vulture: Purification, never-ending vigilance, guardian of mysteries
White Tail Hawk: Brings message to take advantage of the opportunity entering into your life
Woodpecker: Weather prophet, drumbeats into other dimension

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