Artist Statement_Aug2010



“The cure for boredom is curiosity, there is no cure for curiosity”
Dorothy Parker

I explore creativity through the utilization of various media, methods, styles and techniques. Spontaneity and randomness play a significant role in my creative process in that much of the material in my work is found or recycled. I find that offers an opportunity to develop bodies of work that are varied in context, composition, and construction. I attempt to analyze the complex, misunderstood, and unsung through universal themes, shape, colors, actions, symbols, words and ideas.
My work makes an effort at healing and understanding experience, and how it relates to our current, past and potential paths and how they connect and bind us all as participant and observer, catalyst and end result.
Another significant themes that inform my work is my own multi-cultural experience and how that experience impacts my existence and relation to world around me. It also makes me curious about other people’s experiences of how their own culture interacts with the world in which they live.
As Dorothy Parker says, “there is no cure for curiosity”, and curiosity is the prevailing stance I take towards my creative efforts.

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